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A Message from Our Founder 

Akumapa International Foundation and Society, Inc., was founded in December 2019 out of my passion for giving, and creating hope in places where hope is needed. 

"Akumapa" means "A Good Heart" in the Twi language of the Akan Tribe of my native land Ghana, West Africa. 

In the Fall of 2019 I volunteered to teach an art class for a companion at a missionary school named Mt. Pleasant, in the heart of Accra, Ghana. There in the classroom, as I taught students the importance of vision and how vision can take them beyond the rubric of their educational destinies, I discovered a vision of myself. The very act of giving those beautiful children the gift of art, the gift of seeing who they are and who they can be, showed me who I was. I am a giver. In that moment I wasn't just giving these students free art supplies, or a session on vision-boarding; I was also giving them a window into how they can impact the world with their education. The class was changing their sight, and their minds, and will one day hopefully change their worlds.

From that moment on, in all of my charitable endeavors I began to develop a love of giving. Whether it was serving at my church by going out and giving hygiene packets and food to the homeless; or serving in food kitchens, or donating educational supplies to another non-profit. Giving became my love language.

That is how I discovered the unspoken love language of giving, and started Akumapa. I truly believe that giving is one of the unspoken, unseen or lost love languages. I have heard about the other five languages, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service (which is a type of giving), but I think that giving in itself, conceptually, is also a love language. I would dare to say that giving encompasses all the five love languages, and is the thread that weaves them together. 


That language motivated me to register Akumapa International Foundation and Society, as an official 501c3 non-profit with the State of California, with the purpose of sharing this love language with the world, in order to change the world I live in for the better of current and future generations. Akumapa will serve the world by funding and implementing projects centered around our themed Core of Four: Social Equity, Educational Enrichment, Poverty Alleviation, and Environmental Sustainability. Akumapa will partner with existing organizations working towards one or more of the core of four, to provide auxiliary support and resources, yet will also develop independent projects to advance the Core of Four. 

Our mission is to strategically and impactfully give the resources we collect using channels that create the kind of change we want to see in the world through the lens of the Core of Four.

We thank you for joining and partnering with us however you can, your support is a gift to us and to all the projects and causes we give to. Thank you for speaking our language.

with love, 

Marna P. Anning, Founder & CEO

Akumapa International Foundation and Society, Inc.




"Akumapa....a living heart, a giving heart, giving with wisdom, giving for impact."

upcoming events
January Board of Directors Meeting

January 7, 2020, 6:00 PM PST


Every gift you give is applied to our work across the globe. We appreciate your support in helping us change the lives of people all around the world by supporting groups and projects to advance the core of four.

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